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    Wine Distributor - Business Opportunity

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      Don't buy a job / franchise that marries you to a store with retail hours and a continuous stream of employees? Become a Wine Distributor in a recession proof industry that can be operated by one or two people.

      • Regulated for Your Protection - Everyone is licensed and regulated and best of all stores have to pay within 30 days
      • 100% Tangible Investment - Your only costs are inventory and display racks and licensing
      • NO Fees - NOT a Franchise, you keep all of what you make
      • Recession Proof Business - Proven track
      • Strong Return on Investment - 45%, profitable in 90 days
      • Low Overhead - You only stock inventory that fills you display
      • Freedom - Not tied to any retail store, not long hours, no weekends and no holidays
      • Prestigious and Fun Industry - The Wine Industry is fun and everyone wants to know about your business
      • Wholesale - You only deal with professionals, no public
      • Exclusive Wines - artisan wines from regions around the world.
      • Interactive Digital Marketing - Touch screen kiosks engage customers and sell your wine
      • HUGE Target Market - The Millennial Generation over 70 million strong and loves wine
      • Distribution Opportunities - Sell to Liquor Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Wine Bars, Hotels, Convention Centers, Banquet Halls, Golf & Country Clubs


      The very best affordable wines come from maverick, artisan winemakers who have the time to handcraft their wines. Because they are making less wine, small producers can take more time to reach for perfection ... in how the vineyard is tended, how the wine is fermented and cared for in the barrel.


      In the past, it has been next to impossible to find these artisan wines in any retail store due to their small production and limited availability. Usually these wines are only sold in the vineyard's tasting room and in local retail stores near the vineyard making it difficult to find these great wines.


      eWine Advisor finds these artisan wines at sensible, affordable prices and brings our customers face-to-face with the winemakers, to hear their story and enjoy their wine.


      Best Business Opportunity available!
      Investment varies by size of sales territory. Minimum investment is $75k which will make you a 45% in 30 days.
      For more information see us at or write to