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    Proffesional Chef

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      I am a restaurant proffesional interested in obtaining a Food and Beverage Directorship / Executive Chef Position with a well established company. I am currently living in the New York area and have a successful restaurant consulting and catering company. However my family and I are interested in relocating to the south (North Carolina, Georgia, Florida). I have listed qualifications below I am very greatful for your thoughts!

      Skill Set:


      Cost control of food, liquor and labor is very strong
      Rapport building skills and training of hired employees is also well developed
      Strong yet appropriate association with clients and comparable service is well measured and executed


      Financial reporting include and are not limited to profit and loss, budget calculation, labor reporting and executive departmental consolidation


      High level of computer literacy (excel, word, power point, publisher, CAD, Chief Architect, Celtx and more)


      Bilingual (English, Russian)




      Cross training in restaurants began in 1986. The positions held ranged from dishwashing to General Management. This continuous effort has forged A diverse and exceptionally strong skill set for restaurant / country club operations. A specialized education and Military background proves a multifaceted learning capability in any given work environment. Adaptability to the human aspect and interaction is very strong.


      Consulting / Director of Food and Beverage;


      Bull's Bridge Golf Club
      Kent, Connecticut


      Season 2008


      • Food design / create relationships with local farms
      • Cost control
      • Employee hiring, training and management
      • Increase sales production for Club ($30,000.00 increase during 2008 season with no increase in purchases)


      Executive Chef / Owner; The Haymaker Restaurant


      Poughkeepsie, New York


      March 2004 -November 2007


      • Menu design,
      • Hiring and training of entire restaurant staff
      • Financials and cost control / Sales production
      • Advertising and all PR work


      Executive Chef; Bullis Hall (Relais and Chataux)


      Bangall, NY


      December 2002 - January 2004


      • Menu design
      • Hiring and training of entire restaurant staff,
      • Financials and cost control
      • Wine cellar construction and menu implementation


      Executive Chef; Cascade Mountain Winery


      Amenia, NY


      October 2001- November 2002


      • Menu design,
      • Hiring and training of entire restaurant staff
      • Financials and cost control / Sales production
      • Continuing education of wine production and terroir
      • Reversal of $20,000.00 deficit to profitability


      Executive Chef / Owner; Cutting Edge Catering (C2)


      (Amenia, NY)


      October 2001-Present


      • Established 2007 restaurant (Moosilauke / Kent, CT)(see article)
      • Catering for large and intimate occasions
      • Menu design, hiring and orchestration of entire staff, financials and cost control




      Senior CAD Operator; Chinn Associates, Inc.


      Atlanta, Georgia




      • Coordinate and execute Computer Aided Design
      • Pro bono work: The Red Cross Project - 1997 / Atlanta, GA


      Associates Degree in Culinary Arts


      Culinary Institute of America; Hyde Park, NY


      October, 2001



      Apprentice Studies


      Aspen Food and Wines Classic; Aspen, CO


      July, 2002



      Instructors: Thomas Keller, The French Laundry


      Jacques and Claudine Pepin, Cooking with


      Daniel Boulud, Master Chef




      Military Intelligence Diploma


      School of Interrogation; Ft. Huachuca, AZ


      November, 1993



      Associates Degree / Russian Language;


      Defense Language Institute; Monterey, CA


      July 1992



      Marketing / Accounting


      Georgia State University School of Business; Atlanta, GA


      September, 1989 - May, 1991