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    Where to start?!

    jada12 Newbie
      I am wanting to start my own boarding kennel business. I have been researching, have a business plan almost finished and now need to know where to go from here. I live in the country and need to build a building to house my business. I have great credit and some assets, but am unsure of where to go for financing. Also, how do I go about getting a name licensed or business set up? And, do I have to do that before I go for financing? The more I research, the more confused I get! Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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          Generation4 Adventurer
          Hi! Welcome to the forum. I think a kennel is a great business. I have seen stats showing that spending for pets are still stable. I guess no one likes to scrimp on their "best friend." Have you considered going to your city for assistance? You'd be surprised what a city or town has to offer. It is probably called different things in different areas, but it maybe your business development department or business licensing agency. They may have grants to help you too. Also, they can advise you of rules & regulations involved with boarding pets. Not all cities allow for it. BEST OF LUCK.
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              F.Catano1 Wayfarer


              Hello Jada12,

              Congratulations on your new business. Your question is very good, because from experience I know that it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the process of getting your company established.

              If you are looking for business financing, you want to make sure you begin building your business credit.
              Not only will this assist you in obtaining credit lines and credit cards, but it will also help you separate your personal credit from your business.

              At Initial Underwriting Group, we help business owners with everything from Incorporating and building a Paydex score right through to financing via credit lines.

              If you want to get some really good information online, I would suggest you visit the informational website

              Best of luck with your business!
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              tpiantanida Newbie
              Hi Jada,

              I have started two business (one in California, and one in Oregon). The one in California required me to file my fictitious business name (or DBA = "doing business as") in my county, and the one in Oregon required me to file my FBN/DBA with the state. Your best bet is to go to your state and county government websites and search for "fictitious business name" or "DBA". That should help you get started with your business name. Different states and counties have different laws and procedures (I couldn't complete the registration process in California until my DBA registration was published in the local newspapers for a certain period of time!). After your DBA or FBN is settled with the county and/or state, you should get a notification showing your new business name. You can take that document to a bank to open a business bank account.

              I hope it helps! Good Luck!

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                BizSolutions Adventurer

                Please email me as I may have some solutions to offer you.