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    Is free really worth it?

    DataProtect Wayfarer
      There's currently alot of buzz about free backup services on the web. Please try to remember a couple of the following things before you jump into one of them.
      1. Is the primary purpose of the service to protect your important information or to sell advertising? I'd rather have backup experts than marketing experts saving my data.
      2. What is the privacy policy of your backup provider? Many reserve for themselves the right to rummage through your data looking for inappropriate content. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sit too well with me.
      3. Are there "gotchas" like charges for restores? I'd hate to be held hostage to a company that is now demanding money for what was supposed to be a free service.
      4. What are the data size limits? Be sure that your Quickbooks file and Outlook data store (.pst or .ost) can be recovered. If it is in use will it back up properly?
      5. Where are the data actually stored? Anyone can call a room full of servers a "data center" - do they have physical, as well as electronic security, in place? How about environmental factors like power and cooling?
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      The bottom line is that most small businesses can protect all of their truly critical data in 2
      or 3 GBs. Did you know that you can protect that amount of data,
      continuously, completely secure, privacy compliant, and with 144 versions for the month for only $30 per month?

      Check it out here:
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      I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

      All my best,
      John F. Sklavounos