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    Credit Card Terminal Questions

    MktingAsst Wayfarer
      Hey All,

      Anyone who has any questions regarding credit card processing and/or terminals, feel free to ask. Also, is a great website to go to for the latest news in the credit card industry, as well as understanding the what credit card processing is all about. There is a great article related to ways to save money on credit card processing, which is worth reading.

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          Vitasimplify Newbie

          Hi, I would like to know how these card terminals work. Can any card terminal (like verifone, hypercom...) work with any merchant account and credit card processing provider? And does it also work with debit cards? I have an idea of how the whole operation works, but I'm still unsure. Also can some providers work internationally? I need to obtain a terminal in less than a month. Any help is appreciated. thanks
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              amspcs Ranger
              Q: Can any card terminal like Verifone or Hypercom wirk with any merchant account provider?
              A: Most, but not all. Certain providers work with specific third-party networks (front and/or back end)
              and not all terminals are certified on all networks. You're usually pretty safe with the mainstream
              models like Verifone, Hypercom etc You need to check certification in advance with some of the
              lesser known names.

              Q: Do all terminals work with debit cards?
              A: Most all work with Visa or MC branded _signatur_e debit cards. Pin debit is a different story.
              Many older (some not that old) terminals have been forcibly discontinued because they do
              not meet current PCI security standards, primarily dealing with pin debit.

              Q: Can some providers work internationally?
              A: Foreign cards will work on most merchant accounts. But the real issue is, most providers will
              not permit or underwrite primarily foreign transactions for risk reasons. For this kind of processing, a
              merchant should consider an offshore (or Canadian) merchant account, which is a totally different
              animal from a domestic merchant account.

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                  Vitasimplify Newbie
                  Thank you. Your information is very helpful and answered my questions. I will certainly look into the website and thanks once more.
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                      amspcs Ranger
                      You're welcome. Depending on your needs and business type, you should also be aware
                      that processing electronic payment transactions via conventional terminals connected to phone lines is just the tip of the iceberg. Modern technology has produced many innovations, many of which are surprisingly inexpensive, in many cases less expensive than terminal processing: A few examples:

                      Web based virtual terminals--Turns computers and laptops into credit card machines anywhere an internet connection is available.

                      DSL connected terminals--use DSL connection instead of phone line. Great for any merchant paying
                      for expensive dedicated telephone lines to operate their processing machines.

                      Software plug-ins--provides cc processing capability within certain existing software programs.

                      i-Phone, Blackberry, and Smart Phone applications--process credit and debit sales, ACH transfers,
                      recurring billing etc. off your smart phone. Also available are small printer and/or card swiper devices
                      that connect to the phone.

                      There are things out there that none of us, myself included, never dreamed of five years ago. Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box.

                      Email with questions.