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    does any one know how to get government or state contracts?

    5starfab Wayfarer
      if you have any information on this please contact me at Thanks
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          Mamie2010 Wayfarer
          I would be interested in that too...
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            looking4you Wayfarer
            The government is broke, right? So they would have to print more money to pay you, which would be making all of those dollars less valuable in the end anyway, right? Getting a government contract these days is like getting a "bail-out".
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                5starfab Wayfarer
                Do you think that doing the same work for up to half price off and employing people that have lost their job and soon to loose their homes a bail-out. Now granted, if we were talking about the same big, good-ole-boy companies that have been receiving all of these contracts and fating their and who ever helped them pockets and still charging T&M so that they can make money on the time they waste then I would agree with you but I am trying to help as many people in my area as I can. I'm not looking for something for nothing or for people to pay for the poor or greedy business decisions Ive made, I just want a chance at some of the money being wasted and give it to people who need it for groceries and not 6 weeks vacation in Hawaii.
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                    TechDude Wayfarer
                    While I understand your frustration and your wondering where all this help is. The truth is that government contracting is still a business. It requires the same type of investments to get contracts as any other business venture. While Congress and the President can talk about all of the stimulus money that is available, all of the money has to be awarded through a very disciplined process and those that know the process and have spent years investing in the sales and marketing in this process will be the winners. Government contracting is not a grant process based on need. It is a competitive procurement process based on very strict rules that is suppose to find the best business solution. (We can argue about whether this is achieved) Your statement that you would give the contract at half cost would actually disqualify your proposal as unreasonable since they would believe you could not maintain your business viability at that rate. They would rather award the contract to someone more viable longer term. If you have a true advantage and you can help in disadvantage locations there are contracting advantages like Hub-Zone business that can get your preferential treatment, but you still have to complete the process.
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                  TechDude Wayfarer
                  Government and state contracts are really not much different from regular business contracts with the exception of the requirement for what is called a vehicle. Because the government is such as larger purchaser of goods and services, they can require you to prove that the cost of your goods and services are reasonable (in thier terms). Therefore, you must compete for a contact which you rates are completed against other similar companies. You can win a contract, but that has nothing to do with getting business from the government. It allows you to get business from the government. Once you have the vehicle of contract, you then have to get "task orders" these are specific purchase orders from the customer for your goods and services. Task orders can be competed against those companies with similar goods and services.

                  The truth is that most "task orders" are developed by government project managers to meet specific requirements of these tasking. These people are referred to as COTR (Contracting Organization Technical Representative). They create the Statement of Work which specifies what requirements must be completed for a given purchase. Where does he get these requirements? Normally from a business development person that is interested in getting the business. Every government contracting person knows that if your not involved when the requirements are being developed, you don't have much of a chance to win the contract or task order. This is where many companies make a mistake they respond to RFP that have been posted on government web sites. What they are really doing is providing the competative "losers" of the contract since they need three bids to award the contract.

                  In this way the government contracting is not much different then commercial business, its about relationships. You must team with other organizations that can add to their capabilities your capabilities to make a stronger team. There are a lot of disadvantage business contracting strategies that can make it easiler to get government contracts that would require additional time.

                  Hope this helps:
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    How to get government or state contracts??

                    YES, You start at the beginning. You need a Business and Marketing Plan first
                    • check out the RFP Database
                      confluentform Newbie
                      A great place to find a wide variety of government contracts (known as
                      Requests for Proposals or RFP), as well as RFPs from corporations,
                      government agencies, and non-profits, is the RFP Database found at

                      The site also has a LinkedIn group for discussing RFPs, finding new business, proposal writing, and other topics:

                      Give it a try!

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                        Icandothat Newbie
                        There are several "first steps" that you can take. In the case of the Federal Government, check out the website - It lists all major government procurement actions including Requests For Proposals (RFPs) and Contract Awards. Find out what is required to get on a GSA Schedule (that's one of those "vehicles" mentioned elsewhere in this string) for the service or product you offer. Contact the Small Business Administration for information. Most major government activities like military bases, supply depots, regional agency headquarters, etc., have Small Business Liaison Offices to assist you and offer advice on how to work for them. When you look at the FedBizOps site, keep your eyes open for contract awards for work in your area where there might be subcontracting opportunities. Contact large government contractors in your area - in recent years more and more federal contracts require significant percentages of work awarded include participation by the various categories of small businesses.
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                          phanio Pioneer
                          Try CCR ( - Follow their directions.

                          Business Money Today
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                            I know this is an old discussion but I wanted to recommend BidSync as a solution.  They actually have solid online tools that help both the government agencies and contractors create and manage RFPs and the entire bidding and procurement process.


                            Best Regards