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    Seeking funding for cafe

    daydreamer Newbie
      I am in need of funding to acquire an established cafe. This cafe already has steady repeat customers and is located on a busy US highway.

      I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Seeking funding for cafe, Welcome Marcia

          Tell me more. How much funding do you need??

          Do you have prior year tax returns that I can see?? Have you developed a Business Plan??

          Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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              daydreamer Newbie
              I am looking for what I guess you would call a microloan. $15,000. This cafe has been in business for approximately 6 years. The person that had it is wanting out due to relationship problems and being tired of working it. Anyway, I have asked her for financials but she has not supplied them yet. She is wanting only $7,000 for everything and I have already given her $3,000.

              I can say that I am familiar with this cafe (we have frequented it in the past) and it is on a very busy highway. There is a lot of construction and businesses and Disney is building a Dinosaur Theme park 1/2 mile down the road, so I know that business will be great. I have already made arrangements with a trailer company down from it so that they bring their customers down to the cafe while they are in the repair shop.
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              Creditbuilder Scout

              How long have you had your cafe? If its been 2+ yrs you might get up to $250k and if less probaby about $150k... for more info see or all 702-885-4926