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    website for your business! (Web design, Branding and etc..)

    pekas2009 Newbie
      *Website for your business! Need a Brand? Graphic design?
      Quality, fast, on time, 100% client satisfied.*

      By bringing me in at the stage where your web application is simply an idea on the back of a napkin, I can help analyse and refine that idea to suit it's target market and ensures it achieves success in the marketplace. Think of it as producing blueprints for a building, only the bricks and mortar are replaced by code and images.

      If you choose to bring me in at the design stage of your web application I can make sure it provides the user with the best experience, from an intuituve flow to appropriate error handling. I can provide you with a strong corporate identity and visually stunning aesthetics.

      If you've already sourced the design concepts for your web application, fear not. You may have missed out a little, but you can still bring me in on the development side. From accessible clientside markup to scalable and pragmatic serverside programming, I'll provide you with the best solution.

      Mini online portfolio:
      Skype: pekas2005

      thank you