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      I am thinking of opening a clothing store where i would be selling hip hop/urban wear clothes iam trying to see if anyone has any suggestions on where to get the best brand name quality clothes or find a supplier. i have heard people who are in this type of business get their supply from china but iam not sure about the quality. i have a business plan i want to start small them expand.


      any suggestions or ideas will help thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          CLOTHING STORE, Hello

          Suggestions, Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

          I would like to read your business and then I might have some ideas.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST at " "
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            Canadianbiz Wayfarer
            I own a clothing company.Although I did get product from china( where almost everything comes from),I did find suppliers in Mexico and bangledesh.You buy clothes from China now..just with another tag on them.out of every 10 containers that come off cargo ships,6-7 of them come from China.I have one more suggestion although I am not against everyone,but I was on here for the past month or so and sent my business plan to numerous people for them only to take ideas from it and post them on here.I would seriously only send business plans to people who you think are serious with email is me and i will give you some suppliers I deal with for clothing
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              mygenieforyou Adventurer
              Here's a couple thoughts.

              First of all if you go get any clothes pretty much anywhere they're almost all made in China and I don't think the quality is bad.

              Secondly, here's a marketing idea for you to grow your business. I found a really cool tool that you can download for free that you can give out to everyone you know and you can "brand" your business right along side walmart, ebay, buy, target, amazon, etc!!

              Check it out and download yours for free at:

              Good luck, Dan
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                urbanexp Wayfarer
                you can easily open an account with the company of every brand you want sell, don't buy from china everything is fake you can get in big trouble with U.S. custom department and try to focus business to female costumers they are the one with the money