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    Opening a new Restaurant

    alabed Newbie

      I am opening a new restaurant next month, and I looking for some good ideas for hiring, marketing,and sales.
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          david28078 Adventurer
          Hire nice jolly people, Marketing? Be different and unique from your competition and I hope you make it.

          I had a Pub - Restaurant in Bath, England and believe it was a tough and boozy period in my life which I luckily got through and actually made a little
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            Marzipan Wayfarer

            Congratulations! Here are some non traditional ideas: Encourage your friends & family to write online reviews of your new restaurant after they've eaten there! Have you every been to the website: yelp? It's targeted towards a young audience, but nevertheless it's a place where people write online reviews. Also, your city may have a local website where it lists all of the area's restaurants. Make sure you find out how to get listed and featured! Lastly, try to build a website for your restaurant and make sure you post the menu online! That's very important. Yes, it's a lot of work, but I think in today's age it's really important to build an online presence. Good luck and congratulations again.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Congratulations and best of luck.
              First item on the menu is to WRITE a BUSINESS PLAN
              Second Hire an Accountant.
              You are not telling enough about the restaurant to help with hiring.
              How many hours a day will you be open.
              The more you spend on hiring, reduced your expected return on investment.
              Marketing should be part of the business plan including discussing the product /
              services offered. Also identify the customers demands.
              Again good luck, LUCKIEST
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                WEBillions Adventurer
                General restaurant tips:

                Set up a reliable system of ordering food and supplies with as little effort as possible.
                Develop a creative and complete menu.
                Hire experienced people and train them before you open.
                Buy the right insurance for you.
                Be sanitary.
                Make sure you have enough dinnerware, utensils and other supplies.
                Plan how you will do the bookkeeping.

                Finally, there are some problems you just can't plan for. Consider opening with limited hours for the first week. This will allow you to figure out what problems you have and fix them.
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                  Wingman Adventurer
                  Congrats on your new venture. The food industry is a very difficult and competitive business.

                  You should probalby try to hold a 'Family and Friends' event PRIOR to opeing for normal business. This will give you and your staff a good chance to practice taking orders and preparing the meals in a somewhat controlled setting. It's up to you whether you want ot provide the meals for free or at a discount. You'd be surprised how many people will show up for a free meal and you'll never see them again.

                  Depending on how aggressive you want to be, you may also want to limit the number of people invited as well as the menu items that can be ordered. I made the mistake of most limiting the menu items that could be ordered and people were ordering the most expensive items we had.

                  Regardless of how you decide to open the store 'soft opening' or just throwing the doors open, print up some comment cards and actively request comments and feedback from customers about their dining experience. You can't fix something if you don't know it's broken.
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                    Greg Melton Newbie

                    Anyone can find
                    a location, get a lease, buy equipment, prepare the food and so on. What you will need to succeed is what happens
                    when the customer enters your restaurant.
                    All of us have been to a restaurant and have been treated like we were
                    just another "Joe" wanting something from the owners.

                    Having been
                    involved in the restaurant and foodservice business for over 25 years, I have
                    studied every aspect what a facility needs to succeed. It may sound obvious, but the bottom line is
                    the customer. How they are treated, what
                    value you give them for there money, your sincere attitude toward the customer;
                    all these concepts translate into repeat sales and word of mouth growth. One last point, your staff is you! If you don't have foodservice experience,
                    hire experienced staff. But remember,
                    skills can be taught, attitude can't!
                    Make sure your people love and respect what they are doing.

                    I would
                    recommend the book "Restaurant Marketing and Advertising - For just a few
                    dollars a day (ISBN: 0-910627-13-4)."
                    The book is available from any of the major book sites. This book condenses simple examples of what
                    makes a bad/decent/good place, great! You will recognize things that have
                    happened to you that have contributed to you impression of places you have
                    admired and those you will always avoid.

                    Good luck!
                    Greg Melton
                    Founder and
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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      alabed, O K we have given you many answers to your question 'Opening a new Restaurant'
                      Any comments from you, LUCKIEST