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    Back taxes owed to the IRS

    Artisan07 Newbie

      I am looking for some advice on how to deal with the IRS. My business partner and myself own a general contracting business and we have fallen behind on are payroll taxes. I have been talking with the IRS revenue officer and trying to set up a payment plan. The revenue officer is willing to stretch the payments out 2 years. We have to wright a letter in order for the penalties to be waved. We have fallen behind on our taxes for a couple reasons. First we had a couple employees that were taking materials from a job and also steeling hours from are company. The other problem was that we had another partner that was taking care of a lot of the books and she has recently left and there was some expense there as well. We also just got behind and started robbing peter to pay paul.

      I guess im just looking for a little advice from someone that has had these problems and successfully worked something out with the IRS.