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    Buying and Reselling

    BoneDust Newbie
      I have a question. Is it legal to buy from a distributor then resell at a small profit? I sell stuff on ebay and the stuff I get from my distributor for my personal self is very cheap. The stuff I sell on ebay relates to the items that I would like to sell that I get from my distributor and I was hoping it might help my ebay store some and the people that buy from me. Now the only problem is is that I don't have enough manpower for my own inventory. So would I be able to post the items, and once sold, buy from my distributor and have them sent directly to the customer? It would be more of a third party act I guess. Is it legal to do this? I have contacted my distributor about it and got no reply. Maybe they just laughed at me. I dont know. Any information would be very helpful. Thanks.