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    Adventure Mopeds in Pensacola, FL

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      I recently opened Adventure Mopeds; We are a 49.7cc motor scooter rental, sales, and service business in Pensacola, FL. We are a TANK Authorized Dealer; We repair all Chinese motor scooters & motorcycles.

      We are located near: Naval Air Station; Home of The Blue Angels, Pensacola Country Club and minutes from downtown Pensacola, FL. Adventure Mopeds is open 10 A.M. until dark Tuesday-Sunday. Rental rates are $15/Hr.; $50/4 Hrs. ; and $100/Day. We rent to 16 yrs. & older with a valid driver's license. Motorcycle or Moped endorsement NOT required. ONLY Military personnel ONLY can receive our "Weekend Warrior Special": Rent a Motor Scooter from 5:00 P.M. Friday until 7:00 P.M. Sunday for only $100.00.

      I originally opened in Corpus Christi, TX, in May of 2008, with the understanding from the State Transportation board that a moped endorsement is not required to rent an under 50cc moped. I received a $10,000 loan from Accion of Texas; With that amount, I purchased: 10 scooters, helmets, tools, office equipment, etc. After two weeks of being open only two weeks, I was forced to close due to not being properly informed of the moped endorsement law; I relocated to Pensacola in June of 2008. Due to the high cost of fuel, the trip was over $4000. I was unable to find and secure a building. I was forced to put my business on hold until an opportunity presented itself. I stored my 10 scooters in my back yard and tried my best to keep them running.

      I took a job as a 3rd party driver for DHL. I was laid off in January of 2009. I decided with the help of GOD, that if I could find a building, I would try once again to open my business. I discovered my current location in February and my landlord was willing to give me one month's free rent to see if I could get the business going. It was still very cold and I worked feverishly to get the building ready for business. I was opened in about two weeks.

      I had no finances left from my original loan. I had used all my 401K and savings to get it started in Texas and then I had to move with my tax refund. So, I borrowed $1300 from my son and wife to start all over. I opened February 21. It was very slow, because I had no marketing or advertising funds. Slowly, word traveled and business was brisk. My first weekend, which was still cold, I did almost $200. The next weekend I did over $500.

      I encountered my first set back the following week. My business was equally divided between military personnel and civilians. Someone without authority decided to ban all military personnel from my establishment. The following two weeks, were much warmer, but I only averaged $200 each weekend. I was then informed of what happened. Jay Harrison,, is the person in charge of motorcycle safety for the base. He came by with a sign and permission for the military personnel to rent scooters. While the weather has warmed up nicely, the rains have come.

      There is an untapped market for Chinese Motor Scooter Sales and Serivce in Pensacola, FL. When people buy their scooters online or from an individual, there is no one to do the service or get parts from. They are left with what they think is junk, but is actually only a minor problem. I have a certified on-call mechanic on staff. He is quite knowledgeable about all types of engines up to airplanes. He flies ultra-lights.

      We have repaired two scooters already and daily people are coming by seeking repair work. Nobody in town will work on Chinese Scooters. As a dealer, I can get parts and scooters for only 50% of what the consumer pays. The more I buy, the less I pay for shipping. Of course, I can add MSRP to price and get more profits.

      I need assistance with my operation. I have no budget for advertising. I bought 1000 postcards online for $30 from Got-print; I passed them all out and I have reordered another 1000. I am running an ad in GOSport; It is currently on page B3. I would like to make a big sign for my business. I currently have a banner that is not holding up well from the winds and rain. I would like to do a radio commercial with T&D Po-Boy; 850-453-8222. The ad is only $300. We could split the cost.

      Spring Break is here and I need to get my business noticed. I came up with an idea for a poker run. I sent the following to area business to see if anyone wanted to participate.

      I will be hosting Pensacola's 1st Ever Scooter Poker Run and I want you to be involved. This event will be Saturday, April 25, 2009. This will not be just a one-time event; I plan on hosting these monthly.

      The event is limited to only 52 entrants. Each entrant will drive to five different businesses in Pensacola and pick a playing card for a total of five cards. Each business will have a complete deck of cards. The entrants will bring the cards back to me and whoever has the best hand wins the grand prize. I have attached a flyer that will be used to promote the event.


      I would like to invite you to be one of the five businesses to help sponsor this event. Not only will this help promote my business, it will help promote yours as well. When the entrants come to pick their cards at your business, you can have something special for them that will showcase what your business offers and entice them to spend money with you. The possibilities are endless for what you can do. I have some ideas if you would like to discuss them. Each entrant will receive a T-shirt for participating, and I would like to invite you to advertise your business on the back of the T-shirt. The cost is only $90. You can also donate something for the grand prize that will help promote your business as well if you wish. I will be purchasing bowling, skating, hotel room, food, etc. with the proceeds.

      Could you offer me any advice on how to further grow and expand my business?
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          Moped riding is an adventure in itself. I recall during my earlier years how fun it was to run through the Florida Keys in mopeds that my family used to own. Back then, we used them for short-ranged transportation throughout the neighborhood area. Reaching nearby shops, some beaches, recreational areas, mail centers, and parks, riding a moped was very entertaining when done safely. Maintenance was often the usual on our part. We'll have some gasket parts replaced every year or so on a moped, and the scooters we used rarely broke down. Although I cannot remember the make or model of them, we sold them long ago.

          Sometimes one hears in the news of the latest technology breakthrough that comes out stating and promoting electric-powered cars, or voice command features. Maybe down the road, mopeds will run on solar energy or some electricity, which will be beneficial for fuel and benefit the consumer.

          I'm a technology buff myself. I have 15 years of Information Technology experience in the Miami regional area under my belt. I currently work with a Microsoft Gold Managed partner named CitadelITG, and the branch I work for is the CitadelPOS division. We help our customers by offering a product that will centralize all their business transactions into one software, which can speed customer checkouts, increase accuracy, reduce theft, control inventory shrinkage, manage inventory levels, monitor margins, and keep track of customers all in one central piece of hardware: a 19' touch-screen monitor.

          Check our web-site: and click the blue "Click Here" button for an interactive demo.