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    starting my own home business

    smiles4u Newbie
      Don't know where to turn just graduated with an associates degree in medical billing I would like to work from home but dont know how to go about it!!! Any Advice
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          Brew_Master Wayfarer
          Set up a detailed business plan. What, exactly, is it you wish to do from home that will make a profit?
          Do you need to protect your personal assets?
          Will you have enough money to live on before you business turns profitable?
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            visioncorp1 Wayfarer
            I have been working in the health and wellness business for over 4 years now from home. Our company is an eight year old company and our home office is located in Lyons, GA. We are currently looking to expand our business. Visit our website at to get more information.
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                ONE.COMPANY Wayfarer
                A home business is a great idea provided that you make the moves to get it going. If this is your first business there are a few things that you will need to brush up on. Strategy, planning, financing and the like. One part of financing to take advantage of is your business credit. You can begin to establish it while you are in your "idea stages." Your personal credit is not much of a factor when starting out.

                As a home based business, you may be relying on your personal credit for much of your startup costs and continuation costs - and if that is the case, you can limit that by begining to build your business credit.

                Good luck.

                And you can find more business credit informationat this website:
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                buckthorne392 Newbie
                I am a business consultant and I can help you start your business I have been helping people go into bussiness for over 20 years. I specialize in start-ups. Call me I would be more than happy to set up an appointment with you to talk about your options and what I could do to help you.

                Boyer & Boyer Business Development Mktg. Consultant, Inc.
                Charlene Boyer 904-738-0242
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                  MarketSleuth Wayfarer
                  Do yourself a favor and look up "affiliate marketing". This is a great way to start up your own online business and website, learn how to effectively market online, and make A LOT of money all at the same time.
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                    stevepat Adventurer
                    This is really good time to start your own. For that you need to have more focused apporch towards your business. I suggest look what all verticles u can enter to cash the opportunities.

                    Put up some strong busines plan which breaks in to 2 feilds , operation of business and revenue model.

                    So for that i suggest have web presence which will help you to reach customers and sell ur business as well find prospects.

                    Then you come up with revenu model.

                    For web presence you can look at "small business web development packages" which u can use it for your business. and do liitle web marketing such as PPC and SEO ,
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                      PajamaMan07 Newbie
                      Hi my name is Warren Wilkins and if your interested in a home base business then read this.

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