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    Credit Card Payment

    skeeter88 Newbie
      Was not sure exactly where to start with this question so I thought this would maybe offer some insight. I have a company credit card account with BOA, and each of my employees has an individual card with not only the company name but their name also. I do not have a checking or savings account with BOA. I have been making my monthly payments for these cards via the BOA online website. Now I can't do that anymore. The page with that option has been changed. Is anyone else experiencing this same type of issue and if so is there a way around it. I have tried to get an answer at the customer service number but have been unable to do so. I have spent approx. 2 hours on hold while different folks went off and tried to get me an answer, but at this point zero success. Can anyone HELP?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Sorry I do not have an answer for you, BUT you seem to be in the right spot.
          This is B O A small business on line and you should get some great answers.
          The most important thing to do is to make your payments by the due day
          so that you do not get additional interest and penalties.
          Can you pay your credit card by phone where it will then be deducted from your banking account.
          Hoping to see some great answers to your problem,
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            score81 Adventurer


            What happened for security purposes they added one more layer of security check. I think you have missed that part. How that works that you select a specific item( bird, tree and so many others). Now when you sign next time your put your account number in it. Once this step is over you will be able to make the payment and have access to the account.

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              JT1979 Newbie
              Though you may not have an account with Bank of America, you can most likely set up bill pay with your current bank/credit union, etc. Usually you can schedule the payment to be paid on the day it's due and not worry about calling in to pay the bill over the phone. I hope this helps.