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    FREE ONLINE ADVERTISEMENT! With program to earn daily income

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      AVGlobal is built by each and every new Account Executive (AE) that
      joins our team. Imagine if NBC paid you to watch their TV stations
      during the hours of 4:00pm - 8:00pm each evening, regardless of the
      time zone? What if they had hundreds of thousands of people worldwide
      that they could guarantee to be watching NBC during this time period?
      Just how valuable would this time be worth? How much would each
      advertiser be willing to spend in advertising dollars to have
      guaranteed exposure to hundreds of thousands of people who are all
      qualified CONSUMERS?

      Now, imagine that you could advertise during this time period too, FOR FREE!

      you have a business website or not, you can participate in our Viewing
      Incentive Program. Each AE is paid to view websites (just like watching
      NBC)... Each AE views up to 24 different websites per day with a
      committed viewing time of fifteen seconds per each of the 24 websites.
      This provides a guarantee to our "paying advertisers" that they will
      have a committed, diverse audience all over the world of qualified
      consumers. Now you can understand the enormous value of advertising
      YOUR websites with AVGlobal!

      Account Executives share in 50% of
      the total Page Impression revenue that occurs each day and encompasses
      the sales force that sells Banner Ads, eBooks, Full Page Classified and
      Yellow Page advertising to our customer base worldwide. At the end of
      each day all sales are calculated and 50% of the sales revenue for that
      day is paid to our AEs who have participated in the required Viewing
      Incentive program for that day. To maintain the integrity of the
      program this percentage is capped at 8% per day to be paid to any one

      The percentage paid to our AEs who successfully complete the
      viewing time each day is based on the amount of Page Impression Credits
      they have in their account at the close of each business day. The
      amount of Page Impressions in an AE's account can be affected in
      several ways:

      • Up to $9,500 dollars (U.S.) per day can be spent to purchase Page Impressions
      • AEs may choose to purchase more Page Impressions with the commissions and Viewing Incentives they earn each day
      • In \\ some cases a matching bonus may be offered to an AE who makes a sale, \\ i.e. AE sells $5,000 in Advertising Page Impressions and a matching \\ bonus (if offered) + commission is given - this would result in not \\ only a 5% to 10% sales commission but would also add an additional \\ amount (if given) of Page Impressions and Credits to their account \\ balance that day!
      The daily percentage is determined by the amount of sales (50%) divided by the amount of AEs and is capped at 8% per day per AE.

      supports our network of advertisers and Account Executives by rewarding
      them with sizable commissions for all referrals and daily rewards them
      with massive exposure for their websites and up to 8% per day for
      participation in the VIP program!

      Why not get started NOW?


      Join for free with this link.

      All of you who were associated with ASD. Do not link this to AVGA!

      We are happy to inform you that TMS Corporation has been dissolved and a new association,
      TMS Association, has been formed which is a member of AV GLOBAL ASSOCIATION.
      These associations consist of private members versus public clients and/or customers.
      You, as a member of AV GLOBAL ASSOCIATION, are entitled to the full privileges and
      benefits of AV GLOBAL ASSOCIATION in accordance with the rights set out by the
      Constitution and Amendments of the United States Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court
      decisions explaining those rights. Additionally, any information or materials received are for
      only the benefit of its members.
      Within the association, we as members, can freely share advertising and marketing information
      and receive the many benefits afforded by membership in a private association.
      If any of you are unfamiliar with private membership associations, this is not conducting
      business under a legal loophole. Having an association consisting of private members allows us
      and you to operate under a legal exemption decided by the Supreme Law of the Land, i.e.,
      Supreme Court decisions that interpret the U.S. Constitution.
      Just some of the benefits of a private association member are:
      · You may operate an advertising and marketing association without the interference of

      federal and state government and agencies.
      · You maintain greater privacy of financial and business affairs of your advertising and

      marketing association activities.
      · You are afforded greater security of being able to continue operation in a world of

      changing laws and politics.
      · You may increase profits due to unrestricted and beneficial structuring and strategies not

      available to publicly regulated advertising and marketing organizations.


      again use this link to sign up for free today!
      Feel free to email me at with further questions!