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    Buying an existing pharmacy.

    adyrph Newbie
      Hello, I am a pharmacist licensed in Florida. I live in Miami and I would like some advise on buying an existing pharmacy versus starting it "from scratch". Any body out there with experience?
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          LLCguy Adventurer
          do your homework and get a business plan in place if this is what you want to do.

          Remember you're going from a pharmacist to a business owner. now you put out the fires and lead a team (your staff), you'll be dealing with vendors, landlords, customers, tech, marketing, sales, accounting, janitor.. you get my drift. just be ready for that and know your weak areas. I for one love marketing and creating so I don't hire another me, I hire the opposit to take care of the things I don't do.

          make sure you pay fair market value as well, there are business brokers in Miami that can help you with this process. their experiance is worth the commission. you may even what to get a lawyer to review the deal to make sure you cover all your bases.


          Good luck!
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            mygenieforyou Adventurer
            I have experience on marketing and have found a really cool tool that will help you build your business!! You can download this for free and find out how it will help you and your business!