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    Ad question

    Sienna9 Newbie
      Hey I just started up my home based jewlery business and I've joined a few of these forums to find good ways to advertise. I keep coming across Biz Ad but I don't understand how it works. What's up with it?
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          Howard Adventurer
          Welcome. What type of jewelry do you specialize in? I think I've come across a few members on the site that have spouses that are in jewelry making. I think eBay is a popular selling venue as well as starting your own website. I've also known a number of people to sell their jewelry at local comunity fairs and events. Good luck.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Ad question, Welcome

            Who are you?? Where are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

            Have you developed a Business and Advertising Plan??

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              DreamDesign8 Newbie
              I'm in the home based business boat as well. I've actually been using Biz Ad Splash to advertise and it's been wonderful! Easy and affordable which allows me to focus on my actual business when I don't have time to do both. Shoot me a message if you want me to go in depth with the workings. Welcome Sienna!
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                  MarketSleuth Wayfarer
                  Streamlining the buying process is ESSENTIAL to driving your sales. The way you guide your customers through the buying process dictates the number of sales you will get and the relationships that you will form with them. You can use techniques of copy writing and direct print marketing to achieve your advertising goals. Do not leave your sales up to chance. You must identify with your targeted customers' needs and stage in the buying process. You must transport them from the previous stage to the next, ushering them along and calling on them to act on their conviction in your product that you establish with tailored, visualized solutions.

                  To learn more about direct print marketing, check out my site , and sign up for my FREE direct marketing newsletter.
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                  JFwarehouse Wayfarer
                  Hello, My Friend
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                  Thank You, Wish you luck
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                    vistasad Adventurer
                    In marketing terms you are not in the jewelery businesss.
                    You are in the onamentation business, you are in the gifts business, your are in the beauty enhancement business and other businesses you may define.
                    You could approach corporations or other institutions to supply them with your gifts. They are often looking to hand out gifts to customers not only their employees.

                    Try introducign other channels of sales.ebay and other sites would be highly competitive, if you do enter them make sure you offer items which are very distinctive.

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                        JFwarehouse Wayfarer
                        My friend,
                        I carry every-thing in my warehouse.Just go to my guestbook at and let me know what your looking for.
                        i am in E-bay,Yahoo,Msn,Google,because advertise got to get around. I not telling you know one to buy from us ,i just trying to help with advertising.
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                            Iwrite Pioneer
                            How does this "help with advertising?" You haven't said anything except you carry every product under the sun! That is you promoting your business but it has nothing to do with the question.

                            A lot of us already have our product line or service offering. How does doing business with you constitute advertising my business? What do you really offer that will help me get my name out there and how?
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                                JFwarehouse Wayfarer
                                Well my Friend,
                                I will advertise your store in my online store for free,now if we all advertise one another we all getting our name around for free.
                                their are lots of people like you and me trying to get our store up and going ,but if we dont all get together and do some thing about it.
                                All we going to do is sit on our cumputer and write to each other wasteing time, lets do some action and less writeing.
                                Now if you think you have a better idea let us know,because we all want to know. My online store is doing good because i spend some money
                                advertising on Google,Msn,Yahoo,and other like flyers,Emails,YouTube, and much more.
                                God bless,Good luck to all....... .