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    registered agent

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      how many business owners here act as their own registered agent?

      I used to for one of my companies and recently had a scare. I own an apartment building in Los Angeles and am trying to evict a tenant. the tenant counter sued me and my LLC was served. I was acting as the registered agent for my own company so they served me at my home adress "1st mistake' of course I wasnt there to accept it ( I an constantly on the road working or traveling) and the sheriff came and left. a few weeks later a Sheriff buddy informed me he saw me on the list of people they served.

      I imediatly went to the court house, pull out my case number and realized that if I hadn't found out the judgement was going to default against me. I contacted my lawyer and he ripped me a new one for acting as my own registered agent. He had me switch my entities to a company that does this, they even prepared the change of agent form for me. I found out that by putting myself as the registered agent for my company I am require to be there from 8-5 m-f if in case i ever get served, and also my home address is on public record. (this explains someone breaking into a home of mine in GA where I listed myself as the registered agent). it ends up on a new business list that states sell. New business means new computers, desks, ect.

      Here is a really informative article on this

      just passing on some new knowledge.