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    2 Years forecast + taxes

    CodeMaster200 Newbie


      I'm trying to make a two years forecast for a new business and i already came up with sales and expenses but i remember that as good citizens we do have to pay taxes, right? It's will be a LLC (3 partners) and it will be taxed as a partnership.

      The company will offer online services and i don't believe we will have to pay sales tax.
      For the first two years just us (the owners) will be working, no employees.
      How can i include the business income tax on my forecast? And is there other things i'm missing besides the taxes and the regular expenses?

      I know it's hard to come up with an exact number but we need something to start with.
      Is 18% of the gross sales a good number or I'm going on the wrong direction?
      All i need is to know that we will have money not just for expenses but for taxes as well.

      Hope somebody can help me with tat.
      Thanks in advance.