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    ESL Class - Top Four Reasons Why Studying English is Crucial

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      Quite often in life we are faced with having to make certain decisions which can be much more important than we even suppose. Among them are decisions related to our education and training and more specifically whether we are able to communicate with others in one or more foreign languages. Nowadays, being proficient in English is a requirement and in case you didn’t know, here are top four reasons why studying it is essential for your future.

      1. Work. In a world that functions at such a global level as ours, the capabilities a person has can become crucial when competing for a position in an organization or even getting the job in the first place. Our increasingly demanding world of work expects people to not only know about things concerning their profession or area of expertise, but also have training in specific job related items. Among them is languages. The development of communicative skills in foreign languages is all too necessary because of the intensive use of the Internet and other mass media as well as the interaction with clients and businessmen from other countries.

      2. Travel. Learning languages can make travelling a much more pleasurable experience. Being able to handle everything that staying in a foreign country entails enables travellers to become more open to other things such as the cultural experience. Knowing languages can open doors to culture, we can learn about other customs and traditions different from our own.

      3. Further study Many scholarships and courses abroad demand speaking a second language proficiently. In the case of school exchanges, knowing a second language is also a requirement. Not studying a second language can seriously affect your options of studying abroad or even act as an impairment.

      4. New friends. Through travel and the use of Internet, languages have become important tools to communicate with others. A healthy social life can literally depend on how well you can achieve this. Meeting new people, making friends and also dating on the Internet have become very common and having sufficient knowledge and practice with foreign languages can also make a difference.

      Let’s face it! There is much more to an ESL class than meets the eye. Your options are endless with the right language training. ESL can give you access to the world at different yet equally important levels. After all, isn’t feeling sure of yourself and having choices in the above mentioned areas worth it?

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