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    What Investors Look For!

    ggoodard Adventurer

      First let me say that Angels and Private Investors do Invest! I can say that because I was funded. It was a very large amount of money, and it has made me very successful. So What do Investors look for?

      1. A well prepared Executive Summary, Business Plan and Marketing Plan.
      2. You should have an elevator pitch prepared and ready to use at any time. The pitch should be no more than one minute and be an attention getter!
      3. You should be able to explain your corporate organization, including capitalization, number of stock holders and offices they hold.
      4. You should be able to explain any extraordinary circumstances, such as bankruptcy, late payments, judgements etc.
      5. Financial projections contained in your Business Plan should be by month summarized by year for five years and include a Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement in accordance with GAAP.
      6. The investors I worked with were especially concerned with IRR (Internal Rate of Return) be sure this is at least 20%

      This is not an all inclusive list but does contain the essential elements of What Investors Look For.

      If you would like me to review your business plan please Emil it to the Emil address contained in my profile. There will be no charge for this.