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    Is It Profitable To SetUp An Online Survey Website?

    freedemo Adventurer
      I am interested in setting up a website which will allow users to signup and take online surveys.
      Is this profitable, or has this been done to death??

      Has anyone out there been successful with this business model? If so, please give me the details!
        • Re: Is It Profitable To SetUp An Online Survey Website?
          instantv Adventurer

          *If I am understanding what you want to do correctly. I personally feel your that you greatest concern might not be in
          getting people to sign up to complete the surveys. Instead since there
          are so many groups/sites/firms doing the same thing today your biggest
          concerns and focus might be in acquiring clients/firms which would have
          you conduct campaigns for them especially in today economic environment
          where each firm is looking for direct results on each $ spent. Many if
          not most firms, especially small businesses do not understand the
          value of marketing research by surveying to gain a better understanding
          of what the true numbers are for their target market. Those companies
          that do
          understand the importance will be harder for you to recruit as a new
          player on the
          block. You may want to look into becoming an affiliate with an existing
          company in the field and private labeling. Please keep in mind that
          this is only one opinion and should you decide to move forward I wish
          you the best of luck.*