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    Are you paying more than a $100 a month on advertising?

    byoung79 Newbie
      Are you spending more than $100 a month on advertising?
      Is it getting you the results you want?
      Have you heard about LocalAdLink?

      They provide localized Internet advertising at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising including print, TV, radio and even other Internet advertising providers like Google AdWords, Pay Per Click and Yahoo. It is the answer to Internet advertising for small business owners because it gives them the ability to target specific zip codes where their customers live and work.

      When potential customers in your targeted zip codes search on almost any of the over 140 search engines, including major provides like Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Google, your LocalAdlink advertisement will rotate through these search engine results. Your advertisement will also be seen on dedicated advertising space managed by LocalAdLink Search directory and served up to customers in your immediate area. That is an amazingly powerful tool that provides measurable results.

      No web site is required for this service, saving small business owners even more money. Internet traffic can be seen in easy to understand reports. To learn more about LocalAdLink go to .

      Brandon Young