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    Lower your company's annual shipping/freight costs by 20%!

    froogalit Newbie
      My name is Steve May and I work with FroogaliT. We are a new startup in the Chicago area and our goal is to save companies money. We have begun partnering with several companies who offer services that lower costs for companies. A perfect time for it, huh?

      One of our partners is another Chicago company run by the former Chairman of the Board of a Fortune 100 company. Our partner offers a free service for any company with at least $50,000 in total shipping costs (between FedEX, UPS, and freight carriers like Yellow, etc.). The service costs nothing and you receive a FREE freight assessment that runs from 5 to 30 days. At the end of the assessment, they evaluate your actual shipping and negotiate a LOWER rate with UPS, FedEX, etc., and you keep your same shipping carriers.

      They are compensated based off of how much money they save you, the service is free, and on average companies are saving approximately 20% off of their TOTAL shipping costs for the entire year. They can also help you assess and re-engineer your logistics strategy if you would like as well.

      If you would like more information or would like to set up a quick call with them for your free assessment, just let me know! I can be reached at (312) 203-0492 or at