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    Keep Your Carpets From Wearing Out- Save Money

    HomeCleaning1 Wayfarer
      Not many people can treat their rugs and carpets as though they are disposable.

      Keeping your carpets, rugs and upholstery clean is not only healthier, but it slows the wearing process.

      Most people don't know that stains and debris don't just make a carpet look worn, it is the debris that rubs against the fibers that wears down both the protectants and the fibers themselves.

      If the stain and debris were left to wear down the carpet and then removed, there may still be discoloration in the carpet. This is not necessarily that there is still stain left in the carpet. The fact that the fibers are worn down will cause discoloration.

      Step #1- Avoid eating near carpets and rugs- when practical.
      Step #2- Clean up spills promptly.
      Step #3- Use a professional cleaner. You may have noticed in the past that after you have cleaned your carpets, they seem to get dirtier faster. This is because of the detergents left behind by many solutions. These detergents actually holds future debris.