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    Setting Up Accounting System

    TheShop Newbie
      Okay. Here is where I am right now. We have a Powersports Service Center as in repairing ATV, Motorcycle, & PWC. We have decided to use MS Office Accounting Professional. I am not sure how to setup the COA. It has a basic setup but I am sure it needs to be more detailed and am wondering if anyone might have suggestions or a template I can use to set the accounts up correctly. i have been playing around with the software for a few days and really like it so far. I am a DBA/Sys Admin but have absolutely no knowledge of how to properly setup a COA for this type of business. We purchase items on a PO then receive them. The invoice (work order) will have inventory items, special order items, service (labor) items and jobs. He is wanting to track time worked/time billed & what he is selling. I have the sold items handled and think I have the time issue handled. I am utilizing Support List/Groups for reporting. Anyone that can assist me, it would be GREATLY appreciated. I hate to screw my brothers system up before he even starts entering His big problem is he is too little to hire but too big to do it manually the way he has been doing it. I am really hoping this will help his BackOffice functions to become much more efficient so he can get back into the FrontOffice and make more money.