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    Put the style back in life by starting your own business

    TopFranchise Newbie
      You've seen the ads "Fantastic Lifestyle Business". What constitutes a
      good lifestyle business? Let's face it, we all look for something
      different in our work and what might be great for one person could be
      hell for another.

      If you asked people why they wanted to start their own business, most
      would answer that it's about gaining control of their own life. It
      doesn't matter how good the company you work for or what position you
      hold, it's probably true to say you can't come and go as you please. So
      how do you achieve that work life balance you're always reading about?

      Start your own business!

      Now here's the catch: it can't be a business where you have to be at
      the same place at the same time everyday - that's just like being
      employed again. That probably leaves a business where you can be in
      control of where and when you work. The good news is that there are
      literally hundreds of franchise opportunities
      as well as other business opportunities out there that can give you
      that control. These fall into the broader category of Services, by
      which I mean Car Detailing, Cleaning, Lawn Mowing etc. etc.

      Ironically, these are often disparagingly referred to as ‘buying a
      job'. This is interesting when you consider that you have total control
      over where and when you work. You are not controlled by Shopping Centre
      opening times, there is usually no staff to worry about and did I
      mention that the majority of the work is paid for as you do it so
      little or no bad debt. Sounds like a great business!!

      Your only question now should be: "Do I set the business up myself or buy into a franchise?"

      If it were me, and you would expect me to say this, I would buy a
      franchise. Why? Simply, the amount you will pay in fees is usually so
      insignificant in the overall scheme of things, why would you take the
      risk of doing it alone. Not to mention that by pooling your advertising
      spend together with others gives a presence you could never achieve on
      your own. The Franchisor would have invested thousands in perfecting
      the franchise model and will have learnt some valuable lessons along
      the way - lessons you can now benefit from.

      Franchising makes sense on every level. You wouldn't set out to climb
      Everest without an expert guide so why would you contemplate setting
      out on your business expedition without either the knowledge of the
      pitfalls or someone to get you back on track should you stray off the

      Back to that lifestyle! How does this sound? It's Monday morning and
      you open your diary to see where you are this week. You have about
      three or four appointments most days except Wednesday because that's
      your golf morning. Every day has a different start time at a different
      place. Every day, when you get home, you spend about 20 minutes on
      paperwork and then your times your own. No need to worry about those
      issues at work.

      And here's another bonus: When you finished your work, each customer
      will be happy to have seen you since you leave them better off than
      they were when you started - with a clean car, nice clean house,
      beautifully mowed lawn.

      How's that for lifestyle?


      Mike Stringer
      National Franchisor | Car Care