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    Choosing the Right Merchant Service

    KIJIJI Newbie
      I am just about to launch my business in April next month and I am in a fix on which merchant service to use. I have been reading a lot of reviews, but i get more and more confused. I am based in MA, and currently banking with B of A. Thus i have been considering using their merchant services. I also have Quick books Pro which is my financial system. I would like to be able to process cards online and have the data go straight into my financial system. My business will be selling items (retail) online about 90% of the time at least before i open up a store, but this will still be running all the same.

      Should, i then use quick books merchant services or Bank of America? Being a startup, i would like to be able to minimize my costs while at the same time be able to provide a fast, reliable and secure online processing system. I am open to any ideas and those supporting business in the MA area.

      Thank You