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    Need to find Startup money and/or investors

    jrkjr64 Newbie

      Last year I worked for an auto repair garage after talking the owner into letting my use a bay for fixing small engines and power equipment. I was going to rent the bay from him but do to insurance and zoning it was just easier for him to hire me. We started March 1st of 2008, by the end of October, with no advertising, just word of mouth, i fixed 450 pieces of equipment. Average repair $85.00. average net $50.00. Sure there was some startup costs with inventory and supplies, about $8000.00 and I told him it would take til the second season to really start to make some nice money. Well, not understanding a seasonal business, he came to me in November and said I'm not making payroll and decided not to fix mowers anymore. He laid me off with no sign of return. The funny thing is the car repair has never made payroll and he chose to end the mower repair which had less investment, less overhead, less expenses and a whole lot more potential. Go figure.

      Anyway, this area is prime for a fulltime power equipment business, repair, service and sales. I got to experience the demand first hand. I know the competition, their reputation, their business practices, and their weaknesses. I now have an established customer base with no place to repair their equipment. It's just not profitable to do home repair with this kinda stuff. You really need a fully fuctional shop. There's a local building for sale already zoned for this type of activity. My suppliers are really hoping I call them and say I'm set up at this location and ready to do business. My Briggs and Stratton supplier told me I did more in sales in the brief time then others do all year. He really hope I can reopen.

      The really fun part is, whose going to give a loan, in these times, to someone whose unemployed?

      I need help finding either grants, loans or investors to continue this business growing. Unfortunately, the season is just about upon us and I need answers fast. To not have a place this year would really depleat my nice sized customer base.


      Please help!!!