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    Looking for help with text message ads and product placement

    m_kim5553 Newbie
      My company, 0323 Productions, is getting ready to launch an all new web series that would revolutionize independent television, and eventually corner the market on new media. It's a highly profitable marketing plan, with an enormously quick return on investment, that is being partnered with something not a lot of television shows have these - a quality product.

      A cornerstone of this plan is in our text messaging advertisements and product placements. I'm looking for some help locating different companies that might be interested in this type of project. I know working with a newer company is always a risk, especially in these times, but text messaging ads are right now - and this is just the beginning. The show we're creating has a target audience of young women, ages 15 to early 20s. The same young women that spend just about every waking hour doing the most profitable thing possible... texting. Obviously I don't need to point out how profitable product placement is right now.

      If you go to our website and click on "television" there's a link to see a mock-up of what the website might look like for the show. The look might change, but all the ways to connect to the show won't. The reason I'm point this out is because they're all opportunities for product placement.

      I don't check this board often, so if you think you might be able to help with this please email me at