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    A Unique and Fun way to advertise and market your business

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      *Hello, my name is Cue and I am the CEO/Founder of It's a new and fun way for people to advertise and market a business of any size. As a new business owner years ago, one of my main challenges was trying to find ways to drive traffic to my website and trying to find new customers. I didn't have thousands of dollars to spend on expensive advertising, pay per click was extremely expensive and not cost effective because I couldn't compete with big companies with great keywords and I was spening most of my time trying to think of ways to put my business out there instead of running my business. Through reading many forums, searching the internet and talking to other new business owners, I realized that I was not alone. I thought....there has to be a way that business owners established and not established could work together in order to spread the traffic around each other in a fun and unique way. From was born! It's a small network of up to "only" 10,000 businesses at at time, linking to a Top Secret Number that curious internet surfers can browse through all the numbers to see who is behind a certain number. *It's sort of like a business hide and seek game! For more information, please visit:<br /<br />
      What is
      Top Secret Numbers (TSN) is a unique, fun and curious way in which startup businesses, veteran businesses or anyone can advertise and market their business or themselves by linking their website to a special number between 1 - 10,000 in order to bring in new visitors to their site and potentially increase sales. There are only 10,000 numbers to choose from, so when all 10,000 numbers are purchased, no more numbers can be bought until the buyer of a number(s) gives it up or after a Top Secret Number subscription expires.


      Why do you think will draw attention and traffic?
      Who wouldn't be curious about a page full of colorful numbers that link to something else? You never know who or what is behind a number or where it may lead you!! There are a lot of curious people wanting to know a little Top Secret! In addition, all websites will be featured in the the Top Secret Number Blog. Some of the sites where will be promoted includes, but isn't limited to:

      • Twitter
      • Facebook
      • Myspace
      • YouTube
      • Classified Ads
      • Blogs
      • Business Directories
      • Internet Groups
      • Message Boards
      • And multiple search engines

      Who should buy a Top Secret Number?

      • Anyone wanting to potentially drive LOTS of traffic to their website in a fun and unique way
      • A new startup business wanting to bring new visitors and potential customers to their website
      • A veteran business looking to boost new interest and drive more buzz about their company
      • A person wanting to share their webpage with the world
      • Someone wanting to purchase something different for their child, loved one, family member, pet, etc...
      • Anyone who wants to be apart of something unique and bound to draw some attention and curiosity