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    Validity of contracts (sc)

    massagefever Adventurer
      When my landlord and I signed our lease, it was basically standard he had typed up with the agreements we had made. He and I signed it and we had witnessess. Should that have been with a lawyer and would it hold up in court?

      So now I am renting out the extra space to contractors but didn't know to cover myself. Can I basically research some legally accepted policies, merge those with their requests and mine and then we sign it? I know ideally it would be written up by a lawyer but this is a new business and we need income in first but I don't want them working until there's a contract.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Perhaps you should have had a lawyer review your lease before signing, but no, the fact you didn't (or that there wasn't one one present when the lease was signed) would not prevent the agreement from holding up in court (at least, not in any U.S. state I'm aware of).

          If you're not going to consult an attorney for the current objective, then one option would be to search the web for "Commercial Sublease Agreement" and the state in which the property is located (South Carolina?). You'll see dozens of "boilerplate" contracts/agreements that you can buy and download. If you get one that's in Word format, you can amend it to suit your basic needs, print it out, and execute it with the other parties involved. You should be able to find one for around $20 to $30 that has all the necessary sections and language. Good luck.