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    I need a business loan/line of credit

    haydens Newbie
      I have a retail flooring store that is 3 years old now. We have been growing our business each year. However, I also used to be a builder and got stuck with some houses (no, not high end ones either) and ended up having to file bankruptcy. My credit stinks right now and I have about $15,000 in receivables that I am trying to collect on (one is in Chapter 11 and the other two are for jobs that we weren't paid on or had to redo). So far I have had to pass up over $1M dollars in commercial jobs because I haven't been able to get my contractor's license in flooring because of no extra money in the bank to submit to state.

      Does anyone have any realistic options out there? I don't want pie in the sky crap. I don't have a business plan. The person running my store has over 20 years in the flooring industry and she isn't ready to give up as she sees the potential that we could be doing. My available funds were wiped out by the building side as I tried to keep the banks and creditors paid.

      Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.