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    Start-up Business - I'm in planning phase but have concerns

    Steve1040 Wayfarer
      Hi all,
      I found this forum while looking at Business services from BofA.
      I have a DBA business checking account with BofA. (I used this for Ebay)
      Briefly - My wife and I were in the middle of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy plan when I got my notification that my job is going away.

      So my credit is bad.

      1. What are my options for funding? Do I have any?
      I won't have any actual numbers until next week but where should I be looking?

      2. Can a LLC obtain bank financing without my personal credit hurting me.
      My current DBA company(Computers) fits in the catagory of my new startup idea(Computers) - So I'm thinking I'll convert it to an LLC.

      3. As part of my severance package - My salary continues for another 8 months - Is it realistic to plan on being up and running by Nov 09?

      My 401K is worthless - Hint - "My employer was in telecom and we always had commercials that were in Black and White"

      Also is there any such thing as a Project Plan for start-ups

      Thanks guys