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    Starting a bakery business from home

    bizeemomma4 Newbie
      I am attempting to start a small, I stress the word small, bakery business from my home. The business consists mainly of cookies and cupcakes and cakes for occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I live in Oklahoma and I am wondering about licenses and permits to begin my venture. Do I have to have inspections, licenses and permits for such a small business? I am terribly confused. If you can shed some light on my confusion to help my dream come true, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks, bizeemomma4
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          LLCguy Adventurer

          Congratulations! a great source for information in your state will be your local SBA office. permits can vary from county to county. a Good friend of mine recently opened a home based bakery and is renting the kitchen of a banquet Hall during the day, to avoid the need of permits in her home.

          here is a link to the OK Small business admin office

          good luck!!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Starting a bakery business from home, Welcome

            If I was starting a bakery business from home I would do the following.

            One: Get a Business Name and a Federal I D
            Two: Develop both a Business and Marketing Plan
            Three: Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can help.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              khalil Newbie
              HI BEEZEEMOMMA
              JUST TELL ME IF YOU WANT DEAR .....
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                mygenieforyou Adventurer
                Good morning!

                Check to see if there is someone locally that does PrePaid Legal. You can get all kinds of help that way for a very reasonable rate.

                I found a really cool tool that can help you with your marketing tho! You can give away free downloads of a patent pending software program which will do a lot of your marketing for you! Download your free copy at

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                  chinahdoll Wayfarer
                  I am currently in the process of starting the exact same business. I am in Las Vegas, Nevada. The things I had to go through were firstly....registering my business name in order to do business in that name, and to accept payments in the business name. It's called registering a fictitious firm name or something similar. Ummm, I also had to find out whether my home was zoned for selling food out of my home kitchen for profit. I found that information at my local business licensing agency, some states are totally with it, some are totally against it, you'd have to check.

                  I got a lot of advice on business plans and things of the sort, but for me personally and I believe it applies to you also, at this time I'm not really looking for financial backing from anyone and I don't plan on the business growing too big too soon. I feel a business plan is for someone with goals on growing, and looking for financial backing. The plan is for lenders and even for yourself to keep an eye on your goals and your finances. It is a b**** to write up one on your own, and can get a little pricey for someone to write it for you.

                  I made up some business cards, some labels for all of my cake boxes, built a portfolio, and payed for a website....and now I'm off. I'm currently waiting for my application for home permit/business license to be approved. I do believe someone will be coming out to inspect my kitchen too.

                  I hope I was a little help. I can give you anymore info that I come across, just contact me through this site and I can help you out as much as I can. When I started I was like a chicken with my head cut off and it took forever to get the info that I really needed.

                  Oh, and is kinda helpful too. They might have a chapter in your area and the counseling services are free!!

                  Divine Desserts
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                    performance01 Newbie
                    You should definately see an attorney who specilizes in business set-up to make sure your company and your family is protected. It's better to spend the money now than later. It's very important to set up your company correctly. I wish you the best of luck!!!
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                      Income Newbie

                      This is my first post on this website. It looks like a good idea. You need to contact your COUNTY office for business licensing. They should be able to tell you what to do. You will need, most likely, to register your business with them. They should run a check to be sure your business name isn't already taken. You do not want to start using a name and developing a corporate identity only to find later that it is taken. You'd have to start over and lose all that printing and marketing money! The county may also tell you how to get an FEIN. Have you checked on line for "how to start a business" "how to get a FEIN" etc...? Just be careful that you go to official sites and you may just use the net for general info. Go IN PERSON to the county office so you know who you're dealing with. Good luck! P.S. I haven't found the SBA to be very helpful, but still try them out. They usually refer you to a university where they have quasi governmental agencies under a title along the lines of Small Business Development Center.
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                        Income Newbie

                        You will also absolutely need General Liability Insurance for your business. If not, everything you own is at risk to a law suit and a food product has big lawsuit potential. So, contact an Independent Agency, or several, and get some quotes. You are too small to get much attention, so don't expect the agents to give you tons of service. Find one that will take a bit of time for you. As a start up you may not get a standard carrier, but you should be able to get a policy. You need premises/operations and products liability coverage at a minimum.

                        Your homeowner policy may offer an endorsement, or they may want to cancel you for running a home based office. That is the place to start and just be general when you call the agent...don't say "I am starting a business" say "A friend of mine.....:)".

                        Read the policy and be sure you have $300,000 minimum limits. Consider $1M if you can and look into a personal umbrella policy.
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                          nterdev Newbie
                          Here's a helpful web site I found on how to start a bakery business.
                          It's called Check it
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                            vistasad Adventurer
                            I am in a webdesign and Internet Marketing fim. One of the reasons we are much sought after is that we do not try to sell a wrong solution.
                            You cookies and other items will at first proably be picked up from your kitchen bakery. You may deliver some large orders. So assume that the radius of operations is about 8 kilometers. Once people get to know about your offerings they'll call in to check about prices etc.
                            If you do want to build a website you could do it in those which offer you free space gives you tools and webspace free. You could use a free space like to load up prices. In all this I am assuming you are short of cash.
                            Good luck. Don't eat too many of the tasty cookies yourself!
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                              sgregory Wayfarer

                              There is a helpful article on the licensing requirements for a bakery here -


                              You may also want to check out your local SBDC or SCORE offices for free assistance.