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    Where can I advertise and actually get results...

    colossalcad Wayfarer

      The title of this tread has been walking around my mind lately and I just read a tread about some free advertising sites, some of which I've tried in the past, and that finally made me post my experience here.

      I want to share here is how do you do to get not just traffic to your site but actualy get customers,in my case I've been struggling to attract customers to my website, I want to know if everybody has the same experience that I had.
      First of all I've to point out that I offer "outsourcing CAD services" that is that I can handle the drawings and all the construction papers of the projects. So my customers aren't the general public I'm targetted to a specific segment of the population (architects, engineers, real estate developers, etc.).

      With all that been said here's my experience. I paid a year of advertising in without a single response, I tried craiglist and I got many mails from people offering other advertising sites, I tried ebay and got one response, then I tried+ facebook+ with a $25/daily budget which in less than a week gave more traffic than all the years that I have my site running, but again without no customer. I've also tried linkreferral which gave me small traffic but no customers either.
      I'm very dissapointed for all this but I keep trying new things. I know for my customer's review that I offer an excellent service for a good price (I know it doesn't sound right if I say it myself but it's the truth). So I need more clients to hear about me and I keep offering my services. I've got a few referrals from my customers but I want to know a site or place where I can advertise and actually get results.
      I wait for your responses in order to exchanges experiences...
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Advertise and actually get results, Welcome Lissa

          Sometimes you have to think "outside the box". As you said you are looking for specific clients.

          To me it sounds like you need a Marketing Plan. Two quick suggestions, One: Trade Shows, Two: Do something special in town (sponser something) and get the local newspaper to write a story about you, your company and the event.

          Finally do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you with the marketing.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            nangar Newbie
            "but I want to know a site or place where I can advertise and actually get results"

            You might want to consider using a service that specializes in online advertising for small businesses that target very specific markets (geo-targeted advertising). You should be looking for a service that is NOT based on the "pay for click" model but rather on a fixed monthly rate with no contractual obligations for the service. The service should also have a back-office for you to refer to that will allow you to view the results of you ad campaign. This back-office should also allow you to modify the content of your online ad as often as you feel necessary.

            I hope this might help ... feel free to contact me if you would like more specific information on the type of service I am referring to.
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              instantv Adventurer

              We offer a number of programs which can assist you on a
              pay for performance basis including geo targeting the correct visitors
              demographics using any form of geo targeting you select and sending the
              visitors directly to your site.. We also offer pay by the lead programs
              by which you only pay for the actual leads of those interested in
              speaking with you concerning using your services. Next we can offer you
              various forms of pay for the phone to follow up leads by which your
              selected targeted prospects will have been pre-screened by our
              telemarketing division and awaiting your call to discuss your services
              and rates. Also we can offer you pre-set appointments to meet with
              individuals and firms directly in order to discuss your services.

              thing I am somewhat confused about is that you state your location as
              Miami FL, but your phone number is in the Dominican Republic.

              I will find my contact information in my profile.
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                azren35 Newbie

                I market for a local online advertising company that is fast becoming one of the top 1000 visited
                websites. We focus the advertising for our clients
                down to the zip codes they are interested in. We don't wait for people
                to find our website, we push your ad out over our ad network of close
                to a million websites(and growing) and onto 109 search engines. Ours is inexpensive and totally measurable. The cost runs $50 to $200 per month depending on
                the area you want to cover.

                I'm offering anyone who would like to try our service a 50% discount for the first three months.
                Write me if you'd like more info.

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                  If you plan to manage accounts on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft search advertising, you can try to add keywords related to your local area along with any sort of location limitations you can get out of them. There's no gurantee that all of the clicks will be from your direct area, but the more restrictions you can put on the location and industry that your ads show up in online, the better the results you will have in getting traffic that turns into results and the less you will spend on traffic that doesnt turn into sales.

                  We followed the same concept when building our advertising network, so we started off by limiting the audience to locals and then splitting the traffic into industries, only then do we query our list of advertisers to place the proper ads in front of the viewer. We figure online advertising needs to be very targeted before it can be very effective.
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                    ericdawe Newbie


                    company offers first page Google rankings for any amount of keywords relating to
                    your industry (seo), search engine marketing, and social media marketing. The
                    combination of these three areas of internet marketing have proven success with
                    ALL of my other clients, and we have a 100% retention rate. My website is
                    currently being reconstructed, but I’d be happy to either talk with you or email
                    you some case studies and explain exactly what we do and how we achieve


                    Best Regards,


                    Eric B Dawe