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    Creating a LCC in the United States as a foreigner.

    bububu Newbie

      I'm extremely confuse on what i need to do to assemble a LCC.
      I'm going to use the services of this company : to create the LCC itself, however i have a little doubt.
      I'm a foreigner to the USA, and so i cannot have a social security number.
      As i understand i need to apply for a ITIN, and will use that when creating the LCC, is this correct ?
      Following what it says in this page, to apply for a ITIN i simply need to download the form W-7 from here , fill it, and submit it to the IRS and i get a ITIN.
      With this ITIN i then can open the LCC without any problems.
      Is this the right way to do this ?
      I imagine many people here already did this, so i'm just wondering if this is the right steps.