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    Dot Com has Angel/VC interested, but ...

    easygoing Newbie
      Custom built internet start-up has some VC/angel interest, but I don't think those funds will come because of the state of the economy, so I am looking for an unsecured line of credit or loan, with the internet company as collateral, or a convertible-debt deal. I have been through the submission/offer process for unsecured credit lines/loans several times before with another dot com, but there were too many unfavorable terms attached to those offers, so nothing ever came of those discussions/deals. For instance: On loan offer required me to put the dot com under the loaner's name. A couple of offers had ROI requirements of more than 30%. Should I try again with this dot com? The revenue potential for this internet company is huge, up to 200 million in 3 years.