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    Let us team up, together we can make this work.

    Mr.Clean Newbie
      If you are willing to work with a small business from grass roots up then you are welcome to read this through to the end.
      I worked for the last 6 years as a nurse staffer while I ran a small professional carpet, upholstery and floor cleaning business.

      Then the recession changed everything. Lost my primary job as a staff coordinator and soon found out my back-up business
      has been weathered down by the recession of 08-09. Clients I had picked up by word of mouth, residential and commercial,
      are no longer calling for routine service like before.

      I need someone with a fresh, savvy approach to flame that fire with sales advertising ideas and strategies without breaking the bank.
      Unless you want to step in as an investor to market the business: to replace the gap caused by other clng. businesses going out.
      Or someone who is willing to do the physical as well as recruiting new clients by phone, or walk-ins to promote the business.
      The encouraging thing is people would be more keen to cleaning rather than replacing with new items. At least into the near future.

      If you can contribute for a return in commissions, or percentage give me a call. I am very hard working,and resilient. Are You?

      I believe,