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    Asking TAX

    NewBie25 Newbie
      Hi, I am going to do business online, selling those personal care products and those items will be sent from Korea to USA or will be sent from Malaysia to USA.

      USA is the 1st country i am targeted. So, i wish to know did we need to pay tax to USA? or does my USA buyer need to pay TAX as well?

      Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Asking TAX, Welcome

          WHO are you?? If you are in business you should have an accountant.
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              NewBie25 Newbie
              I am coming from malaysia, i had my own accoutant at Malaysia, as i know, in USA when we buy somethings or sell somethings we might need to pay the tax charges right ( i am not really sure this)?

              So now, i am going to do online business and targeted usa market, and i wish to know is that when my customer buy things or i sell somethings on my website(online store) buyer or seller need to pay the tax?

              Thanks for your reply Luckiest.
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                  consultingbob Wayfarer

                  It sounds like you and your accountant will need to check into the requirements for import fees charged by the USA for shipping products into the country.

                  You probably won't have to pay any local/state sales taxes, as those are usually only required when you actually have a physical presence in the place you are shipping to. The United States itself, however, will probably have very strict requirements for what products can be imported into the country and how much you will have to pay in duties/taxes on them.

                  You can probably find out more by checking out the US Department of Commerce website as a good place to start.

                  If those fees end up being expensive on a per-shipment basis, you might even want to consider partnering with someone here in the USA. Maybe you could ship the products here in bulk, pay less fees, then share the revenues with the person in the USA in exchange for shipping them locally. Just a thought. Obviously there would be a lot of work to do legally and financially to set that up.

                  Good luck with your business!

                  Bob Parker
                  Complete Internet Consulting
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                websolutions Tracker
                yes, you will pay tariff anytime you import goods and each product will have its own fee.