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    I need $25,000 to start restaurant/nightclub by april 1st

    1oscar1 Newbie
      Hi Im oscar and my dream has always been to own my restaurant and nightclub, but I have a money problem because I dont have credit, its not like it bad or anything I just never buy anything, I just have a credit card but that's about it. I am currently attending Clark College and I am taking business administration so I basically have the nesesary tools to grow and the only thing that is keeping me from it is money. Apart from all my education I have a very important tool that dosent have a price that is belief and desire to do this, I have my goals writen and taped to my door and every morning when I walk out that door I read it and all day Im thinking about it and that has gotten me closer and closer to my dreams. like I said Im only one step away and If someone is willing to help I garantee you wont regret this because once im up and running i will get back to you like you once did to me. Thanks for the time you took to read this you can reach me at of call me at (360) 6243935 I'm very serious about this, thanks again. or if anyone can give me an advise let me know