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    Legal changes from sole proprieter to hiring employees?

    pdmiller Adventurer

      I am a sole proprieter with a web design business. My business is growing to the point that I'm having to outsource some work. I'm thinking of pursuing a partnership with a friend to help with the work load. I'm not sure what the legal changes are for either a partnership or for hiring an employee. If someone could give me a thorough run down of what changes need to be made for entering from a sole proprieter to either a partnership or hiring an employee - it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Patty Miller, owner
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Legal changes, Welcome Patty

          It is great that you are a Sole Prop. the Sole Prop is the most common form of business. Guessing that you have a Federal I D Number. As a Sole Prop with a Federal I D Number you can hire employees.

          If you do pursue a partnership, then you will need a more formal partnership agreement, a different Federal I D Number and maybe a Lawyer to draw up the agreement.

          I will be happy to give you a call Monday and we can talk about the run down and answer your questions.