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    Seeking business partners for international expansion

    spawonders Newbie

      We are seeking business partners for international expansion of a new patented device called the "Galvanic Spa" which is currently the hottest selling product of its type. It is a small, smart, powerful instrument that puts spa technology into the palm of your hand. Its revolutionary multi-patented technology will help you look 10 years younger, with no surgery or injections, in just 10 minutes! In the past 14 months, sales in Europe have exploded to over $200 million.

      It is proven in clinical studies by Stanford University and Purdue University to also make our skin care regimens 70% more effective. People around the world are talking about the unbelievable results they are having. Most recently, the Galvanic Spa was featured on the Today Show on NBC. The Galvanic Spa System was also awarded "Best of Show - New and Notable Winner" for 2008 at the Los Angeles Medical Spa & Resort Expo Conference.

      "The best part is... we have the exclusive, global rights, to the patents. The domestic potential alone is in the billions and we dominate our market. The Galvanic Spa is still the best kept secret in the anti aging industry but it will not be for long."

      If you are interested, or if you know someone, please contact me at your earliest convenience.



      Thank You.


      Ginny Gutierrez


      Spa Wonders LLC

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Seeking business partners, Welcome Ginny

          YES I am interested. Tell me more. How long have you been in business??

          Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read??

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              spawonders Newbie
              Hi Luckiest:


              Every now and then, you get that lucky "aha" moment when you know you have a winner and you want to run with it and proclaim to the world that this is a new economy global company whose business model and breakthrough technology are solutions to the current economic crisis. So, here goes:


              Company: Nuskin Enterprises


              Founded: 1984


              Publicly traded on the NYSE (NUS)


              2008 Revenue: $1.25 billion


              International Expansion: 48 Countries


              D&B 5A-1 Rating


              *Cash Rich and Debt Free


              *$1.5 Billion market capitalization


              *$700 million infrastructure

              Outlook for 2009 from Annual Report:


              "We begin 2009 with momentum for a great year," said Hunt. "At a time when increasing numbers of people are desperately seeking income, our strategy is to provide a focused, innovative and compelling anti-aging business opportunity. And we are innovating in all areas of our business, with particular emphasis on our anti-aging product platform and distributor compensation.


              "We see growing sales force enthusiasm for the global rollout of our new ageLOC technology, a scientific breakthrough that we believe may slow a newly-discovered source of aging in the skin. We also believe this exclusive technology provides our distributors with a distinct competitive advantage, allowing them to offer consumers personal care solutions that address not only signs and symptoms of aging, but also address a previously unknown source of aging in the skin. Combined with our advanced portfolio of nutrition products, we begin 2009 in a stronger position than we have ever enjoyed from a product strategy perspective.


              "We will also continue to capitalize on our successful efforts to drive growth and profitability around the world. In Japan, our recent transformation efforts are establishing an organizational structure consistent with other successful markets, and will significantly improve profitability going forward.


              "Overall, we expect our 25th Anniversary year will be the best in our history. We look forward to continued growth in the U.S., Europe, South Korea and Latin America. We are also pleased with the positive response to the pre-launch of the Galvanic Spa System in China, as well as the recent government approval that allows us to expand our direct selling footprint in four major cities in Guangdong province and Shenzhen City," Hunt concluded."


              This is a Global Opportunity which you can build from the comfort of your Home using your computer and the Internet

              Please email me a good time and date to discuss this opportunity at your earliest convenience.

              Best Regards,

              Ginny Gutierrez
              Spa Wonders LLC
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              bxw22015 Newbie
              Hi, I am interested in your ideal. We have done business for 15 years and have very strong business relations in China, Asia and other place. Our cusrrently business are related to spa business. If you are interested, we may start some communications. Thanks