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      Today is most certainly a difficult time for many around the world. However, the entertainment business is still attaining a serious cash flow. The reason why is simple. Everyone is seeking an outlet outside of their daily lives. If you are like 90% of American's you utilize watching movies, listening to music, watch television or go online for some bit of enjoyment.

      Premier Booking & Management Co., is one of the industry leaders as a full-service entertainment company. With representing bands, actors and music producers as its primary areas of business, PB&M Co. has received a steady flow of business growth. PB&M Co. and its' subsidiaries and partnered companies have over 177 employees and private contractors worldwide. Premier Booking & Management Co. currently is seeking investors for expansion through New York and Los Angeles.

      As a result of PB&M Co.'s success in the industry, PB&M Co. has created Cold Weather Films Inc., which is currently seeking investors for an onslaught of films, featuring A and B list actors with powerhouse directors, producers, etc. Cold Weather Films, Inc.'s film genres include the huge money making area of animation / cartoons, classic, romance, comedy, horror, action and so on. Cold Weather Films, Inc. is a film, commercial, music video and infomercial production company, which has sound stages, locations and thousands of film equipment available for rent. To view CWF's film resume, visit

      Due to having major / recognizable actors, producers and directors attached to our films, we have been able to attain distribution in our advance stages. Currently in place and upon completion, we do not have to wait to find a company to release most of our productions! That is a rare thing to find in the filming business. Invest in films, see a high return rate, with little to no risk. One hesitation some have had is wanting to know if they can get their money insured. The answer to that is yes! Some banks are willing to insure your invested capital. So with that in place, even a beginning investor can reap the benefits of the booming industry..why not?

      For further information, please email hulon (dot) crayton (dot) 2 (at) premierbookingmanagement (dot) com.