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    Share your Knowledge, Earn Money

    Om3gakid Newbie
      Hey guys,

      I have to share this with you!

      I join this site a few months back and its a content submission site where you share in the revenue...

      Here's how it works:

      For every 1000 unique visitors to your contents you get paid what the Bukisa index... Lets say the Bukisa index is 4.20 and you together your contents get 10,000 unique visitors. You will get paid $4.20 USD for each 1000 unique views!

      Thats a earning of $42...

      Lets say you have a friend name Simon that you had sign up through you:

      Simon has 10 items published on
      Each item produces 100 unique views a day - that's a total of 30,000 unique views per month.
      So Simon is earning $120 per month on the above content that he published (based on a Bukisa Index of $4).

      Simon has lots of friends online so he invites them to join

      A total of 30 of his friends sign up and start producing content.
      In total those 30 friends are producing 150,000 unique views per month
      Simon earns a total of 25% of their direct income ($600) which is $150.
      Now Simon's friends start inviting their friends, and they start inviting their friends. You can from the table below that it can become a very profitable business to submit quality content to

      Just click on the link