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    Honest critique of my new website...

    securityfirst Newbie
      What do you all think of my new website?
      This is my first attempt at starting an online business in order to get away from the corporate puppet strings. I think I have the easy part down. Now the hard part, getting customers to my site. I would appreciate any suggestions or ideas. Thanks in advance.
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          smyle1 Newbie
          Looking over your site the first thing i would say is it might be helpful to add some information about your company, the need for these products, statistical information about crime, etc. Jumping right to the page to buy things seems a bit abrupt, but I guess it also depends on peoples interest level.

          Other than that, pretty easy to navigate....Hope this helps.....
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            LS2000 Newbie

            I liked how fast your site loads and all of the product information is
            easy to navigate. One of our services here at LucidStream is building
            self-manageable e-commerce stores, so we are always interested in
            viewing store layouts and functions.

            The other poster is right about listing information about your company
            and maybe some introductory copy about each product group. You might
            even consider adding some history or trivia, mentioning how or why
            certain products were invented or where they came from. Done right,
            you'll entertain those who are already familiar (even if they send
            email to correct you, that's still good so that you can build potential
            customer contacts), and you'll inform those who are new to the

            Strongly consider adding a business phone number, even if it only goes to
            voicemail for now, and if you can answer the phone, advertise live
            customer support with contact hours and time-zone.

            Are you going after a wholesale market? Is that why your store has a
            log-in at the top of the site? If so, you might consider adding a note
            on the front page or top banner that links to a wholesale application.
            As you may know, the wholesale security supplies market is huge and can
            be very profitable if you have the right marketing strategy and tactics
            in place.

            What are you doing to market the new site online and offline?

            If you would like to speak further about adjusting your e-commerce
            site, please contact me by phone toll-free at 888-508-0575 or visit us
            online at

            In addition to our e-commerce, website development and video
            production/streaming video services, we also offer very affordable
            consulting services. I have marketing and security products industry
            experience that you may find very helpful.

            Good luck with the new e-commerce store - I look forward to hearing from you!


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              gzuni51 Newbie
              The site looks fine,I would suggest that you find away to target specific customers by adding keywords that will be picked up by google and other search engines. I can recommend a company called "Orange Soda".They have helped my website go to the top listing in my business profile. The cost is very reasonable and they can establish you by region or nationally. Check them out at Orange
              They can do a regional campaign for as low as $50.00 a month.No contracts and cancel anytime.
              All that said, the idea now is to get your web site noticed by the search engines. That is imperative.
              Good Luck
              G. wellborn
              Arch Infrared Thermography Consulting,LLC
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                hostronica Newbie

                The first thing you have to do is to get a good hosting provider, because a site can't be down about 2 or more hours.


                The second thing is a good content about good qualities and services of your company.



                Best regards





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                  moneytrack Scout

                  It looks like your site is still down.  I'd love to take a look at it when it comes up.

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