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    America's Renewed Independence Day! Support Small Business

    buymainstreet Newbie
      You've seen what Wall Street can do. Afterall, it is us, the American Citizen's bailing them out of a mess they created on their own.
      One day I sat I thought about my Business, My Small Business. And I thought about all the other small business owners who are just like me, wandering what can I do to pull in more customers?
      That is when that "red flag" went up and thought, here it is.

      I am creating a website to specifically promote America's Small Business owners. Not be because I have to. Because I want to. Someone has got to do this. Someone has to step up to plate or scream from the highest mountain or shout it from the tallest building.

      "Here we are American Consumer, Support Us, The Small Business Owner.

      And here is why it's so much important than you may of ever thought:

      Local business people make an enormous and positive contribution to the quality of life in our community. Local businesses create good jobs, and they boost the local tax base, which in turn improves our schools, our parks, and the quality of life in our town. Most importantly, local businesses are invested in our community. If you look behind the scenes at any civic activity that contributes to the common well being of the community, you are likely to find a local business person, giving their time, and often their money, to the common good. The service provided by the voluntary efforts of people who care about our community could not be replaced by any amount of government assistance or tax money. Local business people are the unsung heroes of our community. They are the leaders, the ambitious, hard working people who have ideas and act on them.


      Buy Main Street, is a website designed to promote America's Small Business Owners to consumers. Weather you sell services, a restaurant, retailer or a local bed & breakfast. This website will be the first of it's kind with list small businesses with no corporate advertising, therefore, it will be focusing directly on supporting small business and local economy.

      Help us today to make this impact. Spread the word and get this out. It's something we have to do together. The power is numbers.
      Sign up for Free Newsletter as a Consumer, Download Free Coupons & If you are a business owner show the consumers what you have to offer.