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    Power Your Future

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      Looking for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to be part of something special. We are in the energy industry and have some of the worlds most profitable investors in our company.

      This is U.S. based only.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Power Your Future, Cody tell me more, then I will contact you
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              AmbitEnergy Wayfarer
              We are in the energy industry and the leading company onward to save the deregulation of energy. Our company is a highly rated BBB business (
              and has some of the most well known business minds behind our success.

              Background info:

              Our CEO and Co-Founder Jere Thompson Jr. is the grandson of the founder of the Southland Corporation, what we now know as 7-11. Jere helped 7-11 expand into over 38,000 stores world wide.

              Our co-founder, Chris Chambless is the one who took Excel Communications to the fastest company EVER to $1 Billion dollars in revenue, beating Microsoft. Google just recently passed Excel.

              Our company is 100% Debt Free.

              Our industry:

              Energy monopolies are breaking up, giving people the right to choose and save money on energy. Energy is a $474 billion dollar industry in the U.S. annually and is a service EVERYONE uses EVERY SECOND, of EVERYDAY!

              Our Service:

              Energy. Everyone uses it. It costs NOTHING for customers to switch to our service and nothing changes for the customers except for the fact they are saving money. There are no inventories, collections, or deliveries. Your energy meter is just coming from a different source. It is that simple. Customers save an average of 10%-20% annually. It is a month to month committment and the customers satisfaction is guaranteed. If they are not satisfied with our service we will switch them back to their previous supplier for free.

              There are alot more benefits as a customer including earning free travel.

              Our opportunity as an entrepreneur:

              As an entrepreneur, the is perfect timing. Energy deregulation only happens ONCE, that one time is NOW! States are deregulating and the marketplace is opening up. I truly believe our companies compensation plan is the best there is as it has a "Pay it Foward" type of concept. We also make residual income for life and that residual is passed on to the legacy of your family generation. You can do this full time or part time. The choice is yours as to how you take advantage of this one time opportunity.

              No opportunity is for everybody, but if you are ambitious and want to power your future, this opportunity is something I invite you to take a closer look at. I am not one of these "recruiters" looking to benefit myself. I am a connector who is out to share the opportunity with people.

              This is what I share with people. I call it the ABC's.

              A=Attitude - Our founders call it "good posture" meaning positive energy and willing to help others succeed. You have to put out a good vibration to people you introduce to our service and opportunity. They recieve energy from you and tell themselves "he/she is excited about this"

              B=Belief - Believe in the company and what it has to offer. I truly believe this is the best thing out there. Pure and simple. I believe in the company and what it has to offer as well as the people who I have in my business. This company is not dying anytime soon and I stress that. Energy deregulation has just begun and we are out to save it and offer the best. If you don't believe, you will not acheive.

              C=Confidence - Confidence that this can work for you. If you have friends who are also ambitious and need an opportunity, you have to have confidence that this will work for them.

              Our team holds weekly webinars for anyone and everyone to watch in on. They cover our company, our industry, and entrepreneur opportunity more indepth. They are totally free and no obligation. I would love to invite anybody to check them out. They on are Monday and Wednesday of every week at 9 pm ET. You will need to get the link from me via e-mail.


              If you would like me to call you, please provide your phone number in your e-mail. I normally have my people watch the webinar before I call. That way they can write down any questions they while watching have and I will answer them.

              We were the featured article in last Sunday's Dallas Morning News. Here is the link: