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    West Pacific School of Law now invites equity investment

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      West Pacific School of Law is a legal entity registered in North Carolina. It is the world's first online school of law dedicated to Chinese law programs. It runs two Chinese law programs: LL.M. in Chinese Business Law and LL.M. in Chinese Taxation, plus a U.S. Business Law program tailored to students from China and other countries.



      • Who may want to study in WPSL's programs?

      Practicing lawyers, corporate managers, and accountants (the tax program) may want to study in WPSL's programs when


        • they have or may have China-related business, look for new opportunities;
        • they do not wish to leave their jobs;
        • they do not want to leave their families and relocate to China; and
        • their mandarin is not good enough and they don't want to spend too much time on language.
        • Other people that have an interest in Chinese law, like policy makers, law students, senior consultants, etc.

      • How about the market prospect?

      China is a growing economic as well as a huge market. It is predicted that China will become the second largest economy this year, just after the United States. So there's great potential. People study the laws of a country not because the laws are advanced, but because they need to solve disputes or to comply with the laws of that country.

      • How about competition?

      There are presently 3 law schools offering in-classroom LLM in Chinese Law programs in China, with an enrollment of about 210 students. All these students are internationals who do not speak Chinese. These 3 programs are taught in English. However, their lecturers are confined to their own faculty members, while for WPSL the lecturers are selected from different law school, depending on both their expertise and their English skills. So the English language skill of WPSL's lecturers is guaranteed. There is NO online Chinese law program anywhere in the world. And the LLM in Chinese Taxation is the first of its kind in the world. You cannot find another one anywhere else.

      • How much money is required?

      WPSL needs an investment of about $1.5 million in order to operate smoothly.

      • How long does it take to recover investment?

      The tuition is averaged at $25,000 per student, if 70% of them are granted half-tuition scholarship. So 100 students will generate enough profit to recover the investment. It is a conservative prediction for us to have the 100th student in 3 years, if not in 2 years. So you can imagine the investment returns thereafter.

      • How will the investment be spent?

      The investment will be used to:


        • advertise and do marketing;
        • improve the website;
        • subscribe to databases;
        • technical support;
        • rent and furnish offices;
        • administrative costs;
        • pay salaries;
        • etc.


      For more information please contact (serious inquiries only):


      Dr. Prof. Horace King


      Tel: 704-944-1137


      Fax: 704-288-3931